20Dec/Global spillovers and domestic monetary policy

Global spillovers and domestic monetary policy

Working Papers No 436
December 2013

I discuss how the unconventional monetary policy measures implemented over the past several years - quantitative and credit easing, and forward guidance - can be analysed in the context of conventional models of asset prices, with particular reference to exchange rates. I then discuss alternative approaches to interpreting the effects of such policies, and review the empirical evidence. Finally, I examine the ramifications for thinking about the impact on exchange rates and asset prices of emerging market economies. I conclude that although the implementation of unconventional monetary policy measures may introduce more volatility into global markets, in general it will support global rebalancing by encouraging the revaluation of emerging market currencies.

JEL classification: E58, F42

Keywords: Balance sheet, money supply, portfolio balance, forward guidance, yield curve, spreads, signaling, capital flows, rebalancing