Who are we

A word from the founder, Jacco Muller

This site started as my personal initiative to fill a perceived lack of information on the internet. I started working for a large Dutch bank several years ago and started my career as risk professional.

During my years as risk professional I was involved in several risk projects for several portfolio's. At first as a risk modeller, in projects such as:

  • Default correlations for the international portfolio and large corporates<
  • Default data collection for the international portfolio and large corporates<
  • PD scorecard modelling for the Dutch SME market
  • LGD modelling for the Dutch SME market
  • EaD modelling for the Dutch SME market

After building models I moved to model usage. Positioning models as a tool to facilitate the business. Currently I am a risk manager focused on the Dutch SME market. This, among others, involves the policies for the use of risk models within the bank. Besides this I manage the Sox compliancy for the Dutch SME market and I ensure the existence of good management information concerning risk.

In the early days of my work I concluded that there were only three types of information available on the internet, considering risk management within banks.

  • superficial explanations;
  • extremely detailed information (BIS II papers and research papers);
  • commercial information.

Furthermore I found that interactive sharing of information is very limited and mostly confined to congresses. These types of information and methods of sharing, make it difficult to develop a global view of risk management within banking. I considered it important to lower the threshold for information sharing about risk management within financial institutions. Therefore I created this site.

I value the independent status of this site highly. None of the writers for this site rely on income from it. Any content on this site has been and always will be scrutinized by me. Even though some articles might be opinionated they will never be so in an attempt to sell a product.